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Debt & Mental Health Issues – Are money worries leaving you feeling like you have no second chance?

At a conference recently I had the honour of hearing a keynote speech by Josh Quigley, who gave an inspirational and thought provoking insight into his dark and painful battle with mental illness and his attempted suicide. His quest to raise awareness of mental health issues was timely. At FD Debt Solutions, we often meet with vulnerable individuals who are facing challenging financial issues, which will often lead to a formal insolvency solution, such as a Trust Deed or Sequestration, being the only option.

In this blog, I wanted to talk more about how our team can assist you or friends and family who are not only suffering with financial difficulties which may lead to formal insolvency, but also have debilitating mental health issues, whether that be as a direct result of those money worries or otherwise.

The Samaritans - #SmallTalkSavesLives  

Here at FD Debt Solutions all of our team are experienced in formal personal insolvency procedures. In addition we have been fully trained and accredited by The Samaritans on how to help provide a safe, confidential, supportive environment in which to listen and then discuss your financial situation and any negative feelings you may have associated with that. We are also taught to recognise the signs, which are not always verbal, as to when extra support may be required, whether that be from a charity such as The Samaritans or via medical professionals. Whilst we are by no means professionals in the mental health sector, we take the welfare of every individual who comes to visit us, very seriously and will try to help ensure, as far as possible, that an individual gets all the support and care they need at such a difficult time.

Money worries can escalate as a result of sudden redundancy or ill health for example, and depending on the individual’s mental ability to deal with this additional stress, depression can quickly ensue; what can follow thereafter is a downward spiral into deeper mental health issues and even suicidal thoughts such as the ones Josh Quigley was suffering with when he made an attempt to end his own life. Josh now speaks openly about how grateful he feels to have been given a second chance.

Debt and Mental Well-being

Here at FD Debt Solutions we believe that no matter how difficult your financial situation may be, your mental and physical health shouldn’t have to suffer. We all are entitled to a second chance. Once you have spoken to one of our team and they have listened and understood your current financial circumstances, the available formal personal insolvency procedures will be explained to you. Should you wish to have someone attend the meeting to listen in so that they can help you make the right decision for your personal circumstances, that is fine with us too.

Once you have taken as much time as you need to consider the best route to becoming debt free, one of our team will guide you through what is required and take the stress of your money worries away; this will then allow you to focus on your second chance. Please contact one of our team on 0800 652 0002 or request a call back.