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Debt Advice in Scotland

What are the first steps to debt relief?

Financial difficulties, in the majority of cases, are caused by significant life events. This could be redundancy, divorce, a new baby, ill health or simply because the rising costs of modern day living have resulted in your expenditure spiralling out of control. Whatever the reason, seeking specialist advice at the earliest opportunity means that these problems will be dealt with and not get any worse. Worsening debt problems can have a negative impact on your mental health and your close relationships and this can lead to further negative events happening. For example you may experience redundancy and struggle to find alternative employment, this could lead to financial problems which in turn may put a strain on your marriage, this could eventually lead to divorce. By confronting your financial problems as soon as possible without burying your head in the sand, will make the problem, personal situation and the solution more manageable.

Is debt relief solution right for you?

Once you have reached the conclusion that you require financial help, you need to stop juggling credit cards, loans and other outgoings and make an appointment to come and see one of the French Duncan Debt Solutions team. One of our experienced team members will spend as much time as is necessary to understand your current financial position and work with you to try to find the right debt relief solution for you. This could be one of the formal debt solutions such as sequestration or a trust deed, each process will be fully explained to you before any decision is made to proceed with a particular option.

Whilst we cannot provide specific advice on the Debt Arrangement Scheme, if it becomes apparent during the meeting that this may be suitable for you, you would be referred to an appropriate alternative Money Advisor who can assist. All of this initial advice is at no cost to you and without any obligation. At no time will you be pressured to embark upon a particular debt solution. We are here to help you find a solution which works best for you.

What do you need to consider before meeting debt advisor?

Prior to attending an initial meeting with one of our experienced team, you will need to collate and bring with you certain information to ensure the meeting proceeds as seamlessly as possible. The more information you can provide in readiness for the meeting the better it is for the team and to ensure they can provide you with the best advice. Simply talking through your difficulties can help relieve the burden. Quite often an individual struggles alone to manage their debt without even their family or close friends being aware of their situation. Many people report that after they have met with one of our experienced team they feel better and more optimistic for the future. All of our advisors have received training by the Samaritans and are therefore equipped to deal with the most vulnerable of debtors.

To the initial meeting you will need to bring with you:

• Photographic identification such as a passport, drivers licence or identity card. Should you not possess any such photographic id, we can take a photograph of you to verify meeting you and if this is required you should also bring a copy of your birth certificate as additional verification.
• A recent utility bill with your name and address on it.
• The previous 3 months bank statements.
• The previous 3 month wage slips.
• Details of all the people you owe money to.
• Details of any benefit payments you receive.
• Details of your mortgage provider where applicable and where not details of your rent book or tenancy agreement.
• Details of any car or other asset ownership, including any lease or hire purchase agreements.

What usually happens at your first meeting at FD Debt Solutions?

At the initial meeting you can expect to receive a warm, friendly welcome and a confidential, safe environment to openly discuss your personal financial situation. The French Duncan Debt Solutions team member that you meet will talk through all the available options tailoring their advice to your individual circumstances and will take as long as is required to understand your current position.

You will not be expected to make any decision on your financial future at the initial meeting, you will be offered a period of time where you go home and reflect on the options available to you, knowing that one of our experienced team is at the end of a phone to answer any questions during this time. Only when you are ready to proceed will our team take the practical steps required to commence a formal process for you.

Here at French Duncan Debt Solutions we realise that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution and that everyone needs and deserves to be given the correct, tailored advice to be able to move forward with their debt problems. If you would like to make a confidential appointment contact us today for a meeting in Glasgow, Hamilton or Edinburgh. We offer free and confidential debt help. Simply give us a call and see what we can do for you.