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Looking for free and confidential debt advice but not sure where to start? Struggling to pay your creditors and are often late to cover your monthly bills? Trying to resolve your debt situation with credit cards, Payday loans, or overdraft? If you have lost control of your finances and can't realistically pay back your debts remember that help is only a call away. FD Debt Solutions has a highly experienced cross functional team advising people with a wide range of debt issues across Scotland. We offer free and confidential insolvency advice, fast debt solutions and don’t charge any set up fees for your chosen insolvency option. Contact us for help and reduce debt pressure from creditors including banks, council, HMRC, TV licensing and other suppliers. 

We understand that financial worries can be distressing and sometimes unbearable when you are being chased by a variety of creditors at once including HMRC, council, utility providers, TV license, banks or other suppliers. There are a number of different debt solutions available to the residents of Scotland in financial difficulty. You just need to explore your options and see what suits your circumstances best.

The most common debt problems can be resolved through either a Trust DeedSequestration, or Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) depending on your individual circumstances and needs. It usually involves you paying a single affordable monthly payment for a number of months.

Our team of licensed insolvency practitioners and advisors help people to resolve their debts from all over Scotland including Glasgow, Hamilton, Edinburgh, Stirling, and Dumbarton. We provide confidential advice based on your financial circumstances, employment situation and levels of debt. In the last 28 years we have helped a number of individuals and businesses with various financial issues and we can help you too. We offer free no obligation consultation with our dedicated and experienced team. 

During your free consultation we will talk about your options and will suggest which procedures might suit your circumstances best. Our team will be able answer any questions you might have and establish some clarity to achieve your financial goals. The most frequently asked questions at the consultations include ‘how will insolvency affect my job’, ‘will people find out’, ‘will I lose my home’ or ‘how will my credit rating be affected’. We will be able to talk you though any concerns that you may have and suggest the best route towards becoming debt free.

Our aim is to help people in Scotland reduce their debt and gradually achieve financial freedom. We believe that each situation is different and, therefore, requires careful and thorough understanding of personal circumstances. We can help you to reduce your monthly debt repayments, deal with your creditors and even write off a large proportion of your unsecured debt. The earlier you seek professional advice the more options you have to protect your assets such as your property or a car.

Getting into debt can be easy regardless of your social status or financial position. Debt is an increasing problem in Scotland and there is no easy way to overcome it. According to the Money Charity, the average debt per adult in UK is well over £29,000 which accounts to 112.9% of average earnings. We can help you to tackle your debts, reduce creditor pressure and get your life back on track.

Our trusted advisers have been providing debt help across Scotland since 1989. Providing a quality service you can trust, we tailor every debt solution to the individual to ensure you can maintain and then exit the specific solution, debt and stress free. Our team will talk you through all of the options based on your personal circumstances allowing you to make an informed decision for your debt free future. We don’t charge a fee for advice and you are not obliged to continue with any of the proposed insolvency solutions if you don’t want to.

If you would like to reduce your debt and get rid of financial stress contact our team of friendly insolvency experts in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Hamilton and Dumbarton. We are happy to meet up in a location that is more convenient to you to discuss your circumstances and come up with a personalised plan. Simply contact us on 0800 652 0002 to arrange a meeting or discuss your situation over the phone.

We work with a number of debt charities and organisations including the Citizens Advice Bureau across the Scottish network, Money Advice Scotland and StepChange. Together we are raising awareness of the risks of falling into debt and the revolving credit trap, and we are helping people overcome their debt problems.

Our clients often get debt advice from these organisations prior coming to see us. If you have been advised that a Protected Trust Deed or Sequestration, otherwise known as personal insolvency, is the best option to deal with your debts we can provide further guidance and help. Our team of insolvency experts offers free and confidential advice and we do not charge any set up fees. We can assist you with all the necessary documentation, significantly reduce monthly repayments to your creditors and make your debt more affordable.


Whether you decide that a Trust Deed or an application for Sequestration, Scottish word for Bankruptcy, is the best way forward, a Trustee requires to deal with your assets for the benefit of creditors and that includes any equity held in your property. From experience, in most cases, it does not mean that you will lose your home.

The Trustee will be willing to consider any proposals as to payment of the equity and will provide you with any assistance and guidance to try to ensure that you can retain ownership of your home.

The value of equity will always be discussed and explained prior to deciding on the correct debt solution for you.

If your property has negative equity then your Trustee will look for a minimal payment to formally release their interest in the property.

You have to keep up all secured repayments on your property to ensure that it is not repossessed by the lender, but these payments are taken into account when looking at your income and expenditure statement.


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Representative Examples

If your debts are overwhelming and you are struggling to repay your creditors you should consider seeking professional money advice. See some of the representative examples below for how much money our experts helped to save clients under previous Trust Deed or Sequestration arrangements. 

Trust Deed example
Consumer Debt client with moderate surplus income
Debt £66,000
Creditors 21
Was Paying £1,000 per month
Now Paying £350 per month
Total Gain for Client £49,200

Sequestration example
Consumer Debt client, no assets, but £220 surplus income/month
Debt £45,000
Creditors 8
Was Paying £725 per month
Now Paying £220 per month
Total Gain for Client £34,400

Trust Deed example
Consumer Debt client with low surplus income.
Debt £24,250
Creditors 15
Was Paying £650 per month
Now Paying £175 per month
Total Gain for Client £15,850

Struggling with debt? Not sure where to start?

Our team will help you to evaluate your financial situation fast and get the best customised solution to get you back in control of your finances. If you are struggling with council tax debt, mortgage arrears, credit card debt, payday loans or any other type of debt email us or give us a call for free debt advice. Our experts are able to meet you at a convenient location to discuss your circumstances in complete confidence. The earlier you take professional advice the more options are available to you to protect your assets and reduce stress. 

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If you are looking for personal insolvency advice and would like to find out what your options are for clearing debts, contact us today. We are here to listen and discuss your situation either over the phone or in person. The earlier you take professional advice the more options you have to protect your assets such as your house or a car. We can prepare a personal action plan to become debt free and stop all the pressure from your creditors demanding to cover your council tax arrears, credit card debt and payday loans. We offer free and confidential personal insolvency advice, fast and clear response and, a full commitment to guide you through the process of becoming debt free.

Don't Ignore Your Debts

"When my husband and I separated I was left with a huge amount of debt. I was very embarrassed to ask for help and it took time and courage to finally contact the money adviser. I was recommended to file for bankruptcy and referred to FD Debt Solutions.

I thought they will start asking me what did I buy with all of that money but instead they just listened and helped. I was treated with respect and it felt good to speak to someone without being judged. They really lifted the weight off of my shoulders, I didn’t have to deal with my creditors anymore and only paid what I could afford.

I would like to thank FD for helping me to regain control. If I could give any advice I would say don’t ignore your debts and ask for help as early as possible. Debts don’t go away but grow if you don’t take care of them." – Anne from Milngavie.