Our Team

If you are experiencing money problems and you are not sure how to deal with your debts it is best to seek professional debt advice. There are many ways to pay off your debts that you may not be aware of.  Our debt specialists will be happy to discuss your situation and suggest ways of reducing your debts or getting it cleared. At FD Debt Solutions we treat people with respect and we are happy to answer any questions you might have including if you are at risk of loosing your home, how your credit ratings will be affected and if you will be able to take out another loan.

We have been advising people from all over Scotland for more than 25 years and there’s never been a time when we were not able to help. We treat everything in confidence and provide support every step of the way to becoming debt free. Please meet our key team members who are always happy to help and contact us for immediate assistance in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Hamilton or Dumbarton. 

Brian Milne - Insolvency Practitioner

Brian is a partner in our Glasgow office, and as one of our insolvency practitioners, he is qualified to act as your Trustee, should you choose to sign a Trust Deed or declare yourself bankrupt. Brian has over twenty five years of experience in helping individuals with debt issues, and has acted as Trustee in over a thousand cases. With the wealth of experience in dealing with debt issues that Brian has, it is very likely he would be able and happy to speak to you about your circumstances.

Brian is a Chartered Accountant, and licensed to act as an Insolvency Practitioner by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland. Brian also takes an active role with the Institute, sitting on the Insolvency Committee, which influences the regulations that IP’s work to.

Eileen Blackburn - Insolvency Practitioner

Eileen is a qualified insolvency practitioner and a chartered accountant. She has many years’ experience, advising people with personal debt problems as well as partnerships and small businesses, and has acted as Trustee in thousands of cases over the span of her 30 year career. Based in our Edinburgh office, Eileen lives near Stirling and is happy (within reason!) to travel to the home or business premises of any individual needing advice on personal insolvency matters. If you prefer, an initial meeting can take place in one of our 5 offices across the central belt. In all cases the initial meeting with French Duncan is completely free.

Eileen said “I have been passionate about my work as an insolvency practitioner advising people with money worries since the late 90's - often they are confused and in a bit of a panic, often exhausted with the worry and stress debt problems bring. Self esteem issues are often apparent, and I see it as my job to help with understanding the options that are available to help resolve debt problems, and to have a fresh start.”

Linda Barr - Director

Linda is a qualified insolvency practitioner and a licensed solicitor. She thinks of herself as a problem solver and enjoys dealing with individuals as well as trading businesses. Her legal mind means that she is normally able to think outside the box to get the solution that is best for all parties. Linda manages the team in our Hamilton office.

Linda said 'I am happiest when I have been able to assist someone with debt problems. Normally the debt problem is just the tip of the iceberg, they are also dealing with anxiety and stress and sometimes relationship issues and family problems caused by the debt cycle. By allowing us to assist in providing a solution to the debt often means that the relationship and family problems are also solved. Over the years we have received numerous thank you cards from individuals who have been grateful for our assistance, solutions and empathy when they are going through difficult times'.

Craig Allison - Manager

Craig is a manager within our Glasgow office and is CPI qualified. He has more than 13 years’ experience of advising people with debt worries and concerns. As with all of our staff, Craig is able to travel, within reason, to the home or business premises of any individual needing advice on personal insolvency matters. An initial meeting can take place in one of our 5 offices across the central belt including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Dumbarton and Hamilton.

Craig said ‘In the last 13 years I have witnessed the impact that the housing boom and subsequent collapse has had on ordinary everyday people. From those with genuine concerns about meeting their day to day living costs, to owners of small businesses who are worried about not being able to pay staff wages. It seems that almost everyone has been touched by money worries at some point in their lives and I strive to do my utmost for those who are struggling financially but courageous enough to come forward and seek financial advice. Whilst every job has its challenges, the prospect of helping someone unburden themselves from the misery of debt can be tremendously gratifying and keeps me highly motivated’.

Laurette McNay - Assistant Manager

Laurette has worked in personal insolvency for approximately twenty years. During her career Laurette has continued to concentrate on personal insolvency and has gained a wealth of experience in dealing with sequestrations, whether creditor driven or consumer debt cases as well as Protected Trust Deeds.
During the early period of her life, Laurette was a single mother with three young children living on a tight budget. She therefore has personal experience of the struggles some families have budgeting a low income to cover family household expenditure.

Laurette is able to look at a client’s financial circumstances and provide advice, guidance and offer a solution to their financial difficulties. Laurette fully appreciates that client’s debt problems affect them not only financially, but also emotionally. The client will feel the benefit of embarking upon a solution to deal with their debt issues which ultimately will alleviate the stress and worry of a family unit.
On numerous occasions the feedback which Laurette receives from clients is “as soon as I met with you and discussed my various options the weight was lifted from my shoulders”.

Laurette believes that the thought of dealing with your financial difficulties is often worse than the reality, with the correct advice and the assurance that you will not be judged, a client can find a solution and peace of mind.

Jude Howson - Senior Manager for Debt Advisory

Jude began her insolvency career in 1996 and has extensive experience of personal insolvency procedures. Jude is both a JIE qualified and a chartered certified accountant. Based in the Hamilton office, Jude also trains at ICAS on personal insolvency procedures and attends, presents and writes articles and blogs on personal insolvency and current topical issues. Jude said ‘I always take time to understand an individual’s current circumstances to take account of the bigger picture before talking through the available insolvency procedures. This ensures that the individual is entering the right solution for them. I also take time to explain what that would actually mean for the individual and answer any questions that they may have. I aim to provide a safe, comfortable and confidential space in which an individual can talk through their financial difficulties in order to start to take the first steps towards a fresh start'.