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Personal Insolvency Advice in Scotland

Personal Insolvency Advice in Scotland

There are a number of reasons why people get into debt including job losses, separation, health problems and sudden income shocks. Research shows that 70% of UK’s working population is in debt with high credit card debt for everyday essential spending. If you live in Scotland and have unmanageable levels of debt we can help you. It's not the end as long as you are willing to seek help. 

Free Debt Help

We see the damage caused by debt every day. Our clients often reveal how debt has harmed their personal relationships, well-being, health and work life. FD Debt Solutions are dedicated to helping people with overwhelming financial troubles. Our team is committed to creating brighter future for you and your family.

If you have been trying to resolve your money issues with pay day loans, credit cards or overdrafts and it has been nothing but a struggle, please contact our team for FREE and confidential debt advice. We will come up with a suitable plan to fit your current income and essential expenses. We will help you to reduce your monthly payments to your creditors, stop creditor pressure and get the right solution for you. Our licensed insolvency experts are here to listen and guide you to financial freedom.

If you have debts over £5,000 and you are struggling to pay back your creditors, take the first step to your debt relief today. Contact your local office in Scotland and see how we can help you become debt free. We can arrange a meeting in one of our offices or meet you at your chosen location if you are looking for more privacy. Our advice is free enabling you to make an informed decision to regaining financial freedom.

Why Choose Us?

We have 5 local offices across Central Scotland and we are willing to travel to meet you whenever suits you best.

We have been advising people for almost 30 years now and there has never been a time when we couldn’t offer help to our customers.

We offer free no obligation advice and don’t charge any set up fees for Trust Deed or Sequestration arrangements. Let our team help you to find the best way to become debt free.

We provide fast and clear advice and can develop a personalised solution to suit your circumstances. Our team can help you with an online application process for a faster result.

Our licenced insolvency experts have been helping people to fight debt since 1989. We are backed by one of Scotland’s leading accountancy firm’s French Duncan, which has been established since 1902 and has coverage across the country. Together we offer invaluable help in becoming debt free. 

We work together with Citizen’s Advice Bureau, StepChange and Money Advice Scotland to fight financial hardship.

How we can help you to reduce your debts?

Our debt experts have been working in Scotland since 1989 and have developed a wide range of experience in dealing with personal debt. We provide free and confidential debt advice and we don’t share our client details with any third party commercial companies. Your privacy is very important to us and we are committed to protect it at all times.

We work with various debt charities such as Citizens Advice Bureau across the Scottish network, StepChange and Money Advice Scotland. All of our team members have been trained by the Samaritans organization to provide confidential and emotional support for people who are experiencing distress. Together we aim to raise awareness of the potential risks of falling into debt and help people overcome emotional and debt problems.

Our clients often consult various debt organizations before coming to speak to us. If you have been advised that a Trust Deed or Sequestration is the best option to clear your debts we can help you to prepare all the necessary documentation and guide you through the process. We don’t charge any set up fees and you don’t need to pay for any advice. If you decide that a Sequestration or Trust Deed is the right option for your circumstances, your trustee will receive a fee that will be calculated into your repayment plan. You will not need to pay any extra fees for administering your Trust Deed.

Contact FD Debt Solutions for Free Advice

We understand that debts can cause anxiety and never ending stress. Creditor pressure can be exasperating and make you feel helpless. If your debts are overwhelming and you are unable to pay them back over a realistic period of time, contact us for help. We can use a formal insolvency process to lower your monthly payments, reduce creditor pressure and make your debt more affordable. 

It can be daunting to make the first contact or face financial problems on your own. We have been helping people in your shoes for almost 30 years now and we can help you too. A vast majority of our clients have a tremendous amount of debt that they can't repay over a realistic period of time. We provide support, guidance and help to reduce your debt and offer you peace of mind. Our team is fully licensed and regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland.

We are happy to answer any questions or queries you may have including how your credit rating might be affected and if your car or home is secure under a particular insolvency option. So, if you are looking for personal insolvency advice, bankruptcy or trust deed information contact our experts today.

We can discuss your situation over the phone or meet up in one of our offices across central Scotland. If you would like an initial chat, in a more confidential space, just let us know and we can arrange a meeting in a different location.